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Teacher Course Proposal Form 


If you are interested in teaching with LEAP during the Fall Friday programs, please submit a letter of interest and a proposal that includes length of class, preferred time of day you would like to teach, and needed supplies through our email no later than Tuesday May 1st, 2018. Teachers are compensated for teaching time only at $15/hour + pre-approved supplies.


Teachers are required to obtain a fingerprint card prior to teaching their class. LEAP will cover the cost of the fingerprint card. 


If you don't have any teaching experience, perhaps you have a talent or are enthusiastic about a particular subject area. We welcome all ideas!


Having trouble coming up with an idea? Here are some class topics that have been requested by LEAP families:

Animation, Archaeology, Astronomy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Chess, Comic Book Art, Computer Coding, Cooking Around the World, Cultured & Fermented Food, Creative Math, Creative Writing/Poetry, Cross-Country Running, Dance, Dog Obedience & Agility, Drumming, Fairy Houses, Forts & Tents, Games Around the World, Gardening, Geocaching, Graphic/Web Design, Guitar, Hiking, Historical Cultures, Jewelry, Languages, Leatherworking, LEGO Robotics, Lord of the Rings, Magic, Martial Arts, Metal-Working, Mineralogy, Music, Musical Theater, Orienteering, Papier-Maché, Photography, Project Runway, Recycled Art, Restaurant Management, Stuffed Animal-Making, Survival Skills, Ukulele, Violin, Yoga


Click on the link below to open the proposal invitation document. It will open in a separate tab at bottom of your screen.


Proposal Letter of Interest




Again, please mail your letter of interest and proposal to






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