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LEAP currently is waiting for the new updates for 2021-22 MATE competition. We are anticipating starting back up this fall in November.


ROV is remote operating vehicles or better known as Underwater Robotics. 

This consists of designing, building and operating an underwater remote operating vehicle.

If you are interested in having your child participate check back in September for more updates. 







Session 2 swim lessons currently going on at Bisbee Pool. 

If your interested in a 3rd session please call the pool and leave your contact information. 



LEAP Updates

February 2020 -- LEAP has two ROV underwater teams at Greenway gearing up for competition in May as well as two high school teams from Douglas High. Looking forward to a great competition this year.

November 2nd, 2019 -- ROV underwater robotics meeting. Location TBA

July 8th - 17th, 2019 --Session 2 swim lessons at Bisbee Pool. 

June 17th - 26, 2019--Session 1 swim lessons at Bisbee Pool.

April 27th - ROV competition at UofA. Team ranked 14th out of 31. 

February-- Underwater robotics has built their frames and are starting soldering and circuitry. We have 3 teams for competition. Currently one from Greenway, Lowell and Greenway.

January-- Underwater robotics is underway.


December 2018- M.A.T.E. ROV class to start. This class designs and build underwater robots that will be used in competition on April 27th at the UofA.

June 2018 -- Freeport McMoRan awarded LEAP a $10,000 grant for our programs. Look for all the STEM activities we will be offering this fall. THANK YOU Freeport McMoRan!!!



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